What You Need to Know About
Jim Corbett National Park

The different habitat types of Corbett i.e. mountains, Sal forests, chaurs (grasslands), khair-sissoo forests, and rivers have their distinct assemblage of plants. More than 600 species of trees, shrubs, herbs, bamboos, grasses, climbers and ferns have been identified in the Park. The most visible trees found in Corbett are Sal, Sissoo and Khair. Many other species that contribute to the diversity are found scattered throughout the park. Chir Pine is the only conifer of the Park and is found on ridge-tops. The upper reaches near Kanda ridge have Oak growing, which is essentially a Himalayan species. Other major tree species are Bel, Kusum, Mahua, Bakli.
Total Area of the Jim Corbett Park 1,318.54 sq. km

Corbett National Park
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Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary
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