India Travel - Documents & Essentials to be carried

While traveling to India, it is understood that you will carry along all the documents like Passport, Visa, and your identity card. We are listing some more items that are very essential to carry along while you are on the travel in India.

First Aid Kit -Check out with your doctor about the medicines you can use during your travel in India. Also try to keep in your first-aid kit, a pack of glucose powder, bandages, antiseptic creams or lotions, and Isabgol for abdominal problems.

Newspapers - Always buy a newspaper even if you are not going to read the news. Also helpful in relieving you of any boredom, work as a paper bag for shoes and fruits, help in stabilizing the rocking tables in a restaurant, sealing a window that rattles, swat flies, work as blotting paper, and will turn into paper airplanes.

Other Important Items -A small torch is an essential equipment as the lights are prone to power cuts. Always carry a small lock to double-lock the doors of the tourist bungalow or budget accommodation you are staying in.  

India Travel - Navigation   To move around directionless in India can be a painful experience. Prepare yourself for your travel in India in advance. We have some tips for you that might help you in having a good time in India.

Maps - Maps are your best bet to prepare yourself for your future travel in India. The best place to check thousands of Indian maps (inclusive of one for you) is They also sell exclusive Indian Maps CD that contains thousands of travel, city and other maps, distance calculators, road maps, and pin code searches.

India Travel - Weather

Summer in India -Summers (from April to July) are generally hot and humid in the North Indian plains. The hills of Himalayas in the North India, Nilgris in the South India, and the small hill resorts of Western Ghat in the Western India are the best places to escape the heat wave. Bring with yourself light cotton clothes, plenty of glucose, sun screen lotion, and sunglasses if you are planning to tour North Indian plains during this time.

Monsoon in India - July, August and Mid September are the month when Monsoon hits India. Heavy rain can be experienced and it could be fairly good idea to bring with yourself rain saving clothes like a raincoat and umbrella.

Winter in India - Winter is the most pleasant time of the year to tour North India. Nights are chilly with cold winds blowing in and continuous stretch of foggy mornings can be experienced. Snow laden hills of North India are good place to enjoy winter sports. Bring with yourself heavy woolen cloth to save yourself from the cold. Cold creams and moisturizers are also required to save your skin from the onslaught of cold wave. Southern India has moderate temperature throughout the winter and you don't need any special care to visit this region.

India Travel - Attire @ Cloths and Shoes

Clothes - Wear your clothes decently, don't show off too much flesh, and respect the local traditions. You will be inviting unwanted attention in case you are not wearing full-length clothes in the rural areas. Following the local traditions of clothing will help you make more friends, as anyone in the advanced state of undress in India could be considered either too poor to buy a cloth or too shameless to wear it.

Shoes - Don't enter any religious place with your shoe on. To save yourself from the hassles of wearing in and off the shoes, try to wear sandals that would save you a lot of time and effort. While trekking, wear light shoes to save you from tiring before reaching the destination. Don't wear synthetic shocks, though they are much cheaper than the cotton ones.

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