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Area of the Jim Corbett Park is 520.82 sq km (1318 sq km Corbett National Park including Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary)

Flora in the Jim Corbett Park: The Main flora at Jim Corbett Park has Sal, khair, ber, kuthber, bel, chbilla, dhak, semal, khingan, kharpat, rohini, bakli, pula, bamboo tree as main flora.

Mammals at Jim Corbett Park: The mainly found animals at Jim Corbett Park are Tiger, leopard, elephant, spotted deer, sambar, nilgai, hog deer, barking deer, sloth bear, wild boar, ghural, langur and rhesus monkey.

Birds at Jim Corbett Park: The Birds found in Jim Corbett Park are Peacock, pheasant, pigeon, owl, hornbill, barbet, lark, myna, magpie, minivet, patridge, thrush, tit, nuthatch, wagtail, sunbird, bunting, oriole, kingfisher, drongo, dove, woodpecker, duck, teal, eagle, stork, cormorant, falcon, bulbul, flycatcher, red start and gull.

Reptiles at Jim Corbett Park: The Reptiles found in Jim Corbett Park are Indian marsh crocodile or mugger, gharial, king cobra, common krait, cobra, Russels viper, python and monitor lizard.

How to Reach Jim Corbett Park: Many time guests planning to come to Jim Corbett Park wonders, how to reach Jim Corbett Park, Jim Corbett Park is situated on NH-121, and is well connected with all the major towns and cities across India; one can reach Jim Corbett Park by train, public transport buses run by Uttarakhand Transport Services or private cab.

Weather at Jim Corbett Park: The weather is extreme in Jim Corbett Park. The summer months are April-Mid July. Monsoon moths are Mid-July-late September, while winter months are October till late march, The best time to visit corbett Park is between October till May end.

Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett Park: Guests coming to Jim Corbett Park can book Jeep safari in Jim Corbett Park, in advance for Morning and afternoon jeep safari trip, permits are issued starting 30 days in advance.

Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett Park: The elephant are available for the guests coming to Jim Corbett Park for the safaris. Guests can make advance booking from Wild Jungle Lodge.

Max Length at Jim Corbett Park – The stay at Jim Corbett Park depends on your interest and liking. Minimum suggested stay at Corbett Park is for 4 Days.

Fishing in Jim Corbett Park: Jim Corbett Park has 02 rivers, where guests can go for angling (catch-and-release). Permits can be obtained from director office, while staying at Wild Jungle Lodge at very nomonal prices.

Adventure Activities in Jim Corbett Park: Guests can also try their hands on adventure activities, when they are in Jim Corbett Park. The all time available adventure activities are rock-climbing, rappelling, river-crossing and slithering. Wherever you may be staying at Jim Corbett Park, you can reserve your adventure activities at Wild Jungle Lodge.

What to Wear at Jim Corbett Park – Earthy colored clothes (Greens and Browns). Jim Corbett Park gets dry and hot during summer months. Cap with sunshade can be a option. Be warmly clad for early morning drives and elephant rides into the Corbett Park in the winter months.

Main animal attractions at Jim Corbett Park – The main animals found at Jim Corbett Park are Elephants, Tigers, Chital, Mugger, Crocodile, Migratory birds etc.

Must See at Jim Corbett Park – Tourists often wonders, what to see on their visits to Jim Corbett Park, they are - Crocodile Pool, Dhikala Machaan, Getheryo Library (Dhikala), Corbett Museum (Dhangadi gate), Corbett fall, Garjia Temple, Jim Corbett House.

Tour Extension from Jim Corbett Park – One can extend trip to Nainital (65 KM appx.), Ranikhet(95 KM. appx.), other than Kausani and Mukteswar from Jim Corbett Park.

 Open and Closure timings at Jim Corbett Park –

Corbett National Park is majorly divided in three zones for public wildlife sighting

JHIRNA Range remain open round the year.

BIJRANI Range from October 1st till June 30th each Year.

DHIKALA Range from November 15th to June 15th each year.

Corbett Landscape- Sitabani Forests. This Region is also open round the Year.

It is advised to get your reservations in advane, as there is limited permits are issued for a day for entry on first apply and get basis.

Choosing the Seasons

Winter (September - March): Days are clear and pleasant, Nights get cold. Great time for bird-watching and Tiger sighting.

Summer (April to June): Hot days with pleasant nights. Ideal time for sighting animals, especially elephants and Tigers.

Monsoon (July - August): Humid days and nights. Great time for walks and trekking. Bcos of less crowd and rush probability of sighting animals. Good for observing flora.

Do's and Don'ts in the Corbett National Park: Walking or trekking inside the national park is strictly prohibited. Avoid perfumes and bright clothes, wear clothes of colour which merge with the natural surroundings. Carry a litter bag while entering the Tiger Reserve and bring back non-biodegradable litter. Do not make noises/talk loudly inside the forest. Do not smoke in the forest. Do not collect plants or pluck flowers. While taking photographs or shooting videos, do not disturb the wild animals. ( For eg. Use of flash guns) .Shouting, teasing or chasing animals or attempts to feed them are prohibited. Respect local traditions, customs and religions.

Project Tiger, India's ambitious conservation program to save the tiger and its habitat was launched from Corbett in 1973.

Rules and Regulation to visit Jim Corbett National Park: There are some sent of Rules to enter Jim Corbett Park, some of them are as under. All reservations inside the tiger reserve are provisional and can be changed or cancelled without prior information. Thee decision of director Jiim Corbett Park Tiger Reserve will be final in the matter.

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